By drawing the outlines of the building and placing the building elements into, you are creating the model of the building. Your drawing activity is followed by many automatisms, e.g. real time static calculations and the printable documentations are made by the software automatically.


The program handles the patterns of building parts. E.g. the foundation, roof shape, slab, windows, doors can be choosen from a pop-up menu. As you can see in the video the model will be redrawn automatically based on the chosen roof shape or any other newly chosen building parts.

Movability and changeability

The structural elements of the building can be moved, resized and given new characteristics. Each change affects the entire building.


The system components (structural elements, language services, documentation templates etc.) can be easily modified to suit to the own needs. Add-ons and plug-ins as extensions can be added to the program.


In this video we show you how you can handle the system properties e.g. on a chimney. All properties are available in the popup menus, the modifications can be seen on the model immediately. The format painting function allows all settings of a complex object to be copied to another.


The software provides a transparent drawing sheet on which you can freely move and rotate the model. The dimensioning of the sectioned model automatically follows the position of the model on the drawing sheet.


Change the language in just one click. Everyone will be invited to use the system in his own language.